Making IT work for you

Let’s shake off that nerdy IT guy vibe. Looking for IT support that also helps you make key business decisions? Read on, you must.

a virtual IT director

All of the knowledge, none of the tea rounds

Whether you like it or not, IT is about more than just those computer-says-no moments. It’s an essential part of your overall business strategy. Think about it: how can a bundle of microchips help you lead your teams, extend your customer base and save money?

We’ll tell you how. Our virtual IT director is the Yoda you need in your life – giving you professional, unbiased advice to meet your long-term goals. We’ll work (and banter) directly with your existing IT company or existing vendors, or go solo. The result is the same: more efficient business practices thanks to solid IT decisions.

It might be something as simple as translating IT gobbledegook into plain English. That’s what we’re here for – no HR headaches, just a helping hand from the outside.

Keeping suppliers in check

Are you getting what you want, what you really, really want? It’s all too common to sign up for a service without thinking about how much it’s actually serving you – like a Microsoft Teams licence, for example.

Our vendor management service makes sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. We’ll bridge the gap between you and your IT suppliers to make sure you’re always getting what you need. If there’s money to be made, time to be saved or processes to streamline, we’ll find them. And we’ll tell your suppliers exactly what they should be delivering. With only mild threats, naturally.

Training up your crew

If you are training up your own IT crew, you might just need some mentorship. We’ll help them get their black belt in IT while you look after the day-to-day – or we can swap roles and look after operations while you play teacher.

Being the IT bod can be lonely. Ask any IT bod ever. So we’re here to hold their hands and listen to them when they just want to cry. The result? Happier IT teams, better business.

Tell me how it all works

You got it. We charge our virtual IT support on a day rate, starting with as little as half a day per month. It goes a little something like this:


We come in and get to know your business, warts and all. What are your big dreams, where are you headed, and what IT headaches are holding you back?


We join in on your monthly board meetings to add a strategy check-in to the agenda: how are those dreams looking and what can we do to achieve them?


We offer advice and act on said advice by connecting you with the right tools and partners. We fix the issues and teach you how to avoid them. Give a man a fish…

“Siarp undertook a few things for me including a security upgrade and even though I am a small company, I was delighted at the way Siarp looked after me explaining what he was installing etc. Not being a techie type person I felt at ease with the professionalism and friendly manner. With the addition of a quick response and good value I would have no qualms recommending Siarp.”


Needs a chat with our IT oracles?

You know what to do.