about assistfy

Want to learn a little more before hopping into bed with us? Good move. That’s the kind of thinking we love. After all, you wouldn’t get married without that all important first date!



We’re part of a bigger whole!

If you’re already familiar with Siarp, you may be thinking something is suspiciously familiar with this website.

You’re not wrong, Assistify is part of Siarp, we have a mission beyond IT support, and it all stems from our love of business.

We’ve watched too many business owners struggle to reach their goals, bogged down by the demands of building their dream business.

We decided that we could help, and we could do it with real care and passion.

So, we are here to relieve you of the stresses involved with having to wear oh so many hats, if you built a business to build people their dream homes, we think you’d prefer to get on with that and spend less time on social media posts.

We don’t want you being nervous about getting help though, instead, we want you to feel 👇🏽


that we’ll care as much about your business and your clients as you do.


that when you’re taking vital time off to recharge, the wheels won’t come off on your business.


that everything is running smoothly, no nasties waiting around the corner to bite you on the bum.

Who we are

Rachel Thomas

Operations Director

Rachel Thomas is the main woman at Assistify. The head-honcho, the virtual business management lead. She’s also Siarp’s operations director, keeping the wheels turning outside of the tech.

Rachel makes sure Assistify’s clients have their needs met, allowing them to go on and build successful businesses free from the time-consuming work of day-to-day operations.

Rachel loves a social as much as a virtual meet-up.

Justin Thomas - Technical Director at Siarp

Justin Thomas

Technical Director

Justin Thomas is Siarp’s founder and has been in business for over a decade.

With experience working for brands such as IBM, he’s as well-versed in the big names as he is the small businesses – and is keen to help the latter.

Justin loves nothing more than seeing his clients become a huge success.

I love working with Rachel, and she has transformed my business. Design, social media and marketing operations tasks no longer take up my time. Not only does she complete them in a timely manner, she is very thorough.

I highly recommend Rachel of Assistify to anyone looking for a VA.

Prue, Product Marketer

Swiping right? Who we love working with


Perhaps you’re a lone wolf or working with a few partners. There are certainly no ‘departments’ and you’re feeling frazzled with all the admin and getting some great processes setup for your business.

Small businesses

If you’re eight people or more, maybe you have a department head and some little helpers. But you could really do with HR support or help with your social media.

Professional services

Accountants, HR, law firms – come at us. You specialise in helping people out and we focus on helping you.


Builders, Carpenters, Painters and Decorators, Electricians, Plumbers and anyone else in a similar industry – we’re here to help you earn more, by freeing you from the tedious admin that pays you zilch! We’ll help you get quotes and bills out (so the money flows in), as well as booking jobs and organising your diary. And once you’re done, we’ll get you those all-important Google Reviews.

whoever you are, you’re human.

And so are we. You get tired. You make mistakes. So get some rest and let Assistify take the reins. Ready to relax? Let’s get started.

need a little extra?

We’ve got you covered. Alongside Assistify, you can also get help with our IT and consultancy services.

IT and Cyber Security got you pulling out out your hair?

Fear not, our specialist IT and Cyber Security division has got all you need to keep the nasties at bay and your business working like a well-oiled-machine.

Our tech speak free, not-so-tedious tech support is just a click away!

OK, this is a specialist one here, but if you use IBM Analytics Suite or Cognos software, Frea Consulting can surely help you.

We’ve got over 20 years experience managing IBM Cognos software, specifically from a technical consultancy and support angle.

Manage everything from technical infrastructure to installations, upgrades and migrations.