Why use a Virtual Assistant?

As a Virtual Assistant, I am a business owner as well, and it’s in my interest that your business grows and thrives too.  Without your business, my Virtual Assistant role would not survive. And so who better than to place your tasks with?

This time you are currently using on tedious tasks could be spent more productively by concentrating on your expertise area of your business, or maybe simply getting some well earned rest.  

Hiring a member of staff to carry out these duties could be costly.  Afterall, you need to consider payroll, pension provision, holiday and sickness pay, any health benefits, parental leave, funding for staff equipment such as a mobile and laptop.  You’ll also save on deskspace of course. Oh one more thing; less HR headaches. 

You can control how much or how little work you can outsource.  The flexibility can work out more affordable, allowing you to expand the workforce without the costs which go with a permanent member of staff.  Don’t forget, if you need someone perhaps in the short term only, a Virtual Assistant will be ideal to get you through that busy period.

A Virtual Assistant works with you using your methods, but of course if I can spot any ways of improving efficiency, I’ll always bring new ideas to you, and we can work however you feel more comfortable. This will be considered in the onboarding process. How you want me to work, will be up to you.  Clear communication from both sides is essential.