The importance of having a website cannot be emphasised enough. Your website is equivalent to your shop window.  This is what people see when they search for you.  This is often the first impression they have of you and your business.

The last thing you want, is an untidy, disorganised and un-user-friendly website.  If your website doesn’t flow, there is every chance you will lose your audience.

Your website does not necessarily have to be all singing and all dancing, but you do need it to look professional and up to date.  And don’t forget, websites aren’t just for professionals.  All businesses should have a website.  The online presence through your website enables you to reach your audience and tells everyone you actually exist.  This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising the number of businesses and services not being promoted online.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to tell the world about your business and what it offers!

Costs of a website

Websites can cost any price! If you want a bespoke website, a programmer could charge into the thousands.  And this is absolutely the correct route to go down for some businesses.

However, many small businesses especially, won’t be able to afford these prices to start off with.  And that’s fine too.  But they still need a “Shop Window”.  That’s where Assistify can help.


If your business requires a simple but professional feel to your website, Wix may be the way to go.  It is a much more affordable option, but without losing the look and feel of a clean, easy to use website.  It will still be within your branding your business will shine through.

A Wix website can be built and designed by anyone.  You don’t need any particular expertise.  However, there are certain attributes required. You need patience and an idea of how you want to present your content. But most of all, time to do it!

If you already have a website that you are fond of but needs updating, that’s fine.  It can be easily replicated, but brought to life after a bit of Assistify pizzazz!

Maintaining your website

Your website being hosted in Wix enables changes to be made easily.  Pages can be added and information amended.  Or if you need added features such as a Booking System, Assistify can implement them. 

If you would prefer to take ownership once it has been created, that is perfectly fine too.  Assistify wants whatever is suited to your needs.


Great looking, eye catching images are extremely important in a website.  You do not want them appearing as an afterthought, or any old picture being thrown on.  They need to look like they belong, and most importantly in my opinion, it is essential they are of high resolution.  You do not want an amateur looking website.

Assistify will only use images that are of high quality and are fully licenced for re-use.  There are so many pictures available, which are free of charge to use.  However, if you are willing to splash out a little bit extra, Assistify is sure to find that perfect image you have in your head. 

It is a great idea to have a picture of the person behind the business on your website, and having a professional to take the flawless headshot is something to think about.  Assistify teams up with fantastic photographers if you need recommendations.

Domain Hosting

When hosting your website, it’s important to get the right domain name.  This will apply to the address people use to view your website and also to the email addresses that you have for people to connect with you.  If you’ve got a website, there’s really no reason to keep using that old Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other email address. 

We can work with you to select the right domain for your business or project, then we can register it on your behalf and get it all set up and connected and ready for use.
If you need a hosting package to store your website files and email, we can organise this too as we’re partnered with a competitive, reliable and established business (Ionos) to offer these services.

Get in touch if you would like to see a portfolio, or to discuss any way Assistify can help you with your shop window!

Whatever you need, I will have a solution.

If you have any questions, I might be able to answer them straight away for you.  Click the link to go Frequently Asked Questions.

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As an entrepreneur I wanted to invest in search engine optimization but I didn’t know where to begin. I contacted SEOmix for help and thought their process was very easy and the results are great! Thank you for your professional services, I am tracking more visitors and sales to my website.

I have never realized how powerful search engine optimization can be until I discovered SEOmix. They guided and educated us on how we can increase sales and gain more online visibility. You helped me to reach First page for all our important keywords. I will recommend your services to my contacts.

I have never realized how powerful search engine optimization can be until I discovered SEOmix. They guided and educated us on how we can increase sales and gain more online visibility. You helped me to reach First page for all our important keywords. I will recommend your services to my contacts.