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All of the products we recommend are either used by us today or have been used by us in the past.  We would only recommend products or services we’ve used and enjoyed in the past.  For full disclosure, the links below are affiliate links, so if you use these links to sign up for a product, you’re helping to support Assistify too!  Thanks.

Computer Security

Password Management

LastPass is our password manager of choice.  It’s easy to use and comes with apps for your phone, tablet or computer as well as having convenient Web Browser plugins for all of the main browsers.  You’ll never look back!  Just make sure you keep your LastPass master password strong and secure!  It will be the last password you’ll ever need to remember.  It’s so easy to use.  Click here to learn more!



Sophos offers some superb products for the business, with fantastic levels of control and monitoring available.  It will allow you to protect from viruses, ransomware and other unwanted intrusions but can also be used to monitor and control web browsing and software installed to your computers.
You can set it up yourself or we can offer a managed service via Siarp, if you’d prefer to have somebody else to look after it for you.
Click here to get a free 30-day trial of Sophos‘ business tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

We’ve used Freshworks products for many years.  We find them to be easy to use and they offer a wide range of integrations with other products.  The free tier is a great place to start, but the products have loads of additional functionality which you can unlock as your needs and your business grows!
Click Here to sign up and get a free account or a trial of the full product.



Web Site Services

Whether you need to register a domain name, get some hosted email set up with your own domain, host a website or create an eCommerce site, 1and1 / Ionos have you covered.  For over ten years we’ve used their services for a variety of projects and businesses.  Set up your own site or get in touch if you’d like us to handle the fiddly bits for you.



Domain Names

If you’ve got a new project or company to launch you’ll need a domain name for your website.  Even if you’ve not yet decided how or with who you’re going to get the website built, you’ll want to get that web address locked down!  To register your domain names Click Here



A lot of companies seem happy to use their GMail or BTInternet email addresses for their business.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look very professional and can be insecure too.  Get your own personalised email address Click Here

Web Hosting

So you’re thinking of building your own website or using a self-managed WordPress or Joomla site?  If so, this could be just the ticket for you.  Ionos have a great selection of server options available for you to choose from, including databases and secure SSL certificates so you can get that “https” address for your website.  To get started Click Here

Website Builder

If all you want is a quick, uncomplicated but good-looking site at a low price, perhaps the Website Builder is the option you’ve been looking for.  Minimal skills are needed to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently.  Click Here to get started


Have you got products to sell online?  Ionos offer options to quickly create eCommerce sites complete with product pages, shopping baskets and integrations for payment processing too.  To start looking at what’s available Click Here!



Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is likely to be the most popular and widely used suite of Office tools in the world.  Office 365 gives you many benefits, not least, the ability to always have the latest and greatest version of the product installed on up to 5 computers!
Included with Office 365 you get:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and much more!
To get your copy, click here!