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Social Media Management is just like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.  Whichever you are, chances are one thing will be for certain, managing social media is a drain on your time when you have bigger fish to fry!

If you’re finding you don’t have time to post on social media, let alone plan a campaign we can help you.

Your business can gain many benefits from connecting with your audience on social media.  Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great ways to to increase your brand’s visibility by connecting you directly with your audience; your potential customers.

Did you know that It’s thought to take around seven interactions with your brand before a prospective client will start to notice you.  That’s quite a lot of contact before you get on someone’s radar!

So our advice, get out there and get on Social Media!  And if you’re not a social kind of person, let us get you seen.

Which Social Media Platform is best for me?

The list of platforms seems to be growing every week!  The old-school platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be a given, then there’s the likes of Pinterest and Tumblr.  Then you have the newer platforms which are getting popular for business use such as SnapChat and TikTok, the pressure to be where your audience is can be overwhelming.

It’s likely that you won’t want to be on every platform, in fact, it’s not even practical in most cases, so it’s important to pick out the ones that you feel will suit your business as well as your target clients.

Some things to consider when thinking about the platforms you want to use:

  • Who uses the platform. Is your audience on that platform?  If you’re targetting teens and younger adults, TikTok might be the way to go.
  • What do you want to share? Visual content like photos and videos?  Or text posts, blogs, polls?
  • Is your target client business or consumer?
  • How often are you going to be posting? Multiple times during a day, daily, weekly.
There’s no easy answer and you might find that you need to adjust as you go, dropping a platform and trying out a new one to see what works for you.

Benefits of Social Media for your business

Never before has it been so easy for anyone to get their message heard by exactly the people that need to hear it.  Social media has changed the way businesses can find and interact with clients, build relationships and market their products and services.

Not so long ago, a business would have to spend vast amounts of money to advertise in news papers, radio and television to have any hope of building up a client base.  Now, a modest budget can get you right in front of your exact audience, allowing you to build up relationships with people before they even buy a product from you.

Being Accessible

Believe it or not, some businesses still seem intent on making it as difficult as possible for potential clients to connect with them, to communicate with them and to find them.  Poorly designed websites, contact details and addresses not visible or poorly displayed and no social media presence.  What are they thinking?  Your clients want to find you, the want to know what their friends think of you and they want to be able to get answers.  Fast!

Building your network

Having a business page or profile on any of the platforms is a great way to get your message heard and pick up followers, but the relationship is a little bit one-way.  Unless of you connect back with each and every follower of course.

LinkedIn offers a different kind of relationship, they have powerful tools that you can use to build relationships with your ideal clients, to find them, build trust with them and to connect directly with them to learn about their problems and show them how you can solve them.

Drive traffic to your website

Use well thought out and informative posts on your social channels to drive your clients to want to find out more about your business, products or services.  Get them from the Social platforms to your website or landing pages so that you can own a more direct relationship.

Encourage your potential clients to sign up for offers or your newsletter so that you can market to them direct, even if the social media platforms decide to change the rules or go out of fashion.

Blogs are a great way to show off what you know whilst also providing content for a social media post.  A well written blog will encourage your clients to keep returning to your website to learn more.

How can Assistify help your business with social media?

First of all, it’s about saving you time.  That’s what Assistify is all about.  Unless you’re in the business of Social Media or you are your brand, then it’s unlikely that you need to be full-on managing your own social media.

Be involved, reply to posts, add your own posts if and when you have the time, it’s great to have that personal touch, but most of the time, you will have bigger things to deal with.

At Assistify, we like to really get to know you and your business, that way we can understand more about how you want to be seen on social media.  We’ll have regular contact with you to understand your goals and can help you to achieve them.

Assistify can use social media tools to track your competition, engage with your audience, and monitor how well your posts are doing.


Social Media Tips

When posting, try to remember the following rules:

  • Be consistent with your posting
  • Understand who your target market is
  • Post relevant and engaging content
  • Interact with your audience
  • It’s not all about you. Ask questions to your audience and find out what matters to them

Remember, Social Media Marketing can be a slow burner and can take time to get established, but with the right content and engagement, your business could fly.

Contact me to find out how I can help you.


Questions about Social Media?

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I have never realized how powerful search engine optimization can be until I discovered SEOmix. They guided and educated us on how we can increase sales and gain more online visibility. You helped me to reach First page for all our important keywords. I will recommend your services to my contacts.