Frequently asked questions

That’s a great question and it’s one you will need to think about.  How long do the tasks currently take you? 

To start with, I’ll need to learn how to complete the task to your standard, but once I’ve got it mastered, if I can bring the time down, you will benefit from the time-savings.

You may only require a couple of hours a week which isn’t enough work to justify hiring a new member of staff.    

Most work will be completed remotely, though I will usually come to you at the beginning so that I can learn more about your business.  One great thing which has come out of the Coronavirus pandemic is that we have mastered the ability to work remotely successfully.  This comes with many advantages, including cost savings with travelling to and from work and of course the time saved from this.

If you need me at your office at any time after the processes have been put in place, please get in touch and we can talk about your requirements.

You are able to cancel your contract with Assistify at any time.  Any work I do for you will be invoiced in advance and immediate settlement is required.  Once that work is completed, you are free to walk away if my services are no longer required.

There are no fixed term contracts with Assistify.  If you have purchased a monthly retainer, you will be invoiced and settlement is required before work commences.  If after that month I am no longer required, my work is complete.  Let me know when you need assistance later down the line, and we can continue working together again.

Please contact me.  We can organise a chat by phone or video call.  Whichever suits you.