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Do you need help with your customer service management?

You’re already delivering a great product or service, but are you finding that it’s difficult to keep up with customer calls?  Providing great customer service is vital.  Whether it’s new clients calling to arrange for a quote, dealing with after-sales or maybe checking in with clients just to find out if they’re happy with the service they’ve been given, it’s all so important when working to stand out from your competitors.

Read on to learn more about how Assistify can help you to manage your customer experience.

Pre-sales Contact

Whilst you’re out working for your current clients, have you considered getting help lining up your future clients? 

Do you get leads from a third-party company?  If so, how many of those do you follow up on? 

Why miss out on potential sales, let Assistify follow up on those leads and book in appointments so that all you need to do is wow them with all of the different ways you can solve their problems!

We’ve been successful in driving increased sales with our clients in exactly this way.

No more wasted money on leads that aren’t followed, and more chances to sell and create happy clients who go on to refer more business.  It’s a win-win!

Presales Customer Support

After-sales Service

Following up with clients after a job has finished is a great way to show you care.  As part of our customer service package, we can contact your clients after the end of a project to ask them how they felt about the work or products they received.

Getting customer feedback proactively can help you to get ahead of any brewing trouble.  It’s also helpful to get the clients view on the way you deliver your services, for better or worse.  You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

All customers like to feel that their views matter.  Show them that your business is thankful for their custom and get the feedback you need to take your business to the next level.

Customer Support

Sometimes things go wrong.  It’s might not be anyone’s fault, whether it’s a problem with the work carried out or the products that were provided, clients will inevitably call at some point to seek help.

If you’re busy and unable to respond in a timely manner, this can cause bad feelings to build.

Assistify can provide customer support services so that your clients can always be heard.  We can provide limited support with the information you provide us, but more importantly, we can lend a sympathetic ear to the client and schedule in a support call at a mutually convenient time to them and you.

This means that any bad feeling is nipped in the bud.  Keep your customers happy customers with Assistify.

Testimonials and feedback

Great reviews get you great new clients.  Think about it, when you’re in the market for a new product or service, do you check out the online reviews?  But how many times do you leave a review if you’re not prompted to do so?

The thing is, unless someone provides an exceptionally and unexpectedly great service, most people won’t bother to think about leaving a review.  Unless of course the service was shocking, in which case many more people are motivated to have their say!

As part of our customer services management packages, we ask your clients if they’d be happy to provide reviews on the platforms of your choice, be it Trustpilot, Google my Business, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Asking for reviews is successful about seven times out of ten (finger in the air estimate!) – how many of your clients are providing you with reviews right now?


Why Assistify?

We have over twenty years’ experience in providing customer service management for businesses ranging from the financial sector and pensions to information technology and green energy.  One thing that all sectors have in common is that people want to be treated well.

We know this can be tough when there are so many competing calls on your time, so let us ease the strain and handle all the parts that don’t need you, leaving you free to deliver on the areas that only you can help with.

At Assistify we use some great tools and services that help us run our business better.

Click here for a list of useful products and services that we use and recommend.

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It pays to be seen where your customers are, and your customers are more than likely on some form

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I have never realized how powerful search engine optimization can be until I discovered SEOmix. They guided and educated us on how we can increase sales and gain more online visibility. You helped me to reach First page for all our important keywords. I will recommend your services to my contacts.