Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


It pays to be seen where your customers are, and your customers are more than likely on some form of Social Media.  But who has the time to keep updating their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds?  Not to mention the time it takes to think up new content and learn new ways of beating the algorithm!

It’s all great if you love social media, but what if you find it to be a chore?  Even if you are a proliffic tweeter or an avid instragrammer, perhaps you just keep on forgetting to update your feeds and engage with your community.  After all, you have a business to run as well as a personal life!
As part of our services, we can manage your social media presence for you, saving you time or relieving you of the pressure to come up with new content.
We will agree with you in advance the tone of voice you’d like to present and the kind of content that you’re happy to share as well as any particular services or offers you would like to make public.


 Facebook Company Page maintenance, status updates, posting photos, events and other information, community engagement
Twitter Account maintenance, tweeting messages, community engagement
Instagram Account maintenance, posting images and stories, community engagement
LinkedIn Company Page maintenance, status updates, posting images, jobs and events, community engagement


Not necessarily!  There was a time before Social Media that at least some of us are old enough to remember!

That said, a huge proportion of your customer base is likely to be on at least one Social Media platform and it does present an excellent opportunity to engage with customers and prospective customers alike.

A good rule of thumb is to share human content more than purely business or advertising types of information.

The key is to get customers to engage with you, don’t just bombard them with advertising, they won’t care, they won’t share or interact and there’s a good chance they will simply stop following you.

Be human, find great ways to interact with others and always share great images to grab attention.

We would expect to work with you to learn more about what kind of information you would like to share and build up a library of content that we can use when posting on your behalf.

Ideally, we would prepare a week or more of posts in advance and share these with you so that you can suggest alterations if necessary.

How often you’d like us to post is very much up to you, but typically 3-5 times a week on each platform would be a great start.