Bob's story

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Bob's story

Meet Bob…

He’s a builder and handy kind of guy, a friendly sort who likes to build nice things for his customers.  Bob works very hard.  He’s always helping his customers with work at their homes or their business premises.  Bob’s an incredibly busy guy.

Every day Bob gets up early to go to work, he arrives with his customer bright and early, usually by around 8:00am.  He works through the day and finishes up around 4pm.  Then it’s off to a new potential client to find out what they need and get some details together to provide a quote.

Bob gets home around 6pm, maybe later.  He has his dinner and then gets out his laptop and starts writing up his quote.  Bob’s not keen on using Microsoft Word, he’d rather be doing something else.  Maybe catching up with his mates or spending time with his family.  But for Bob, the admin seems endless.

One day, Bob learns about Assistify.  Rachel explains to Bob how she can help him ease the pressure of running his business.  Rachel tells Bob that she can help him find more time to spend on the things he loves and less on the chores that go hand-in-hand with running his business.

From now on Bob can visit with his customer and then send Rachel a text or email with the basic details of the quote included.  Something Bob can knock up quickly on his phone before leaving the customers home.

Rachel will put these details into a nice document for the customer and send it out on Bob’s behalf.

Two days later, Rachel will call the customer to find out if they’ve had time to review the quote yet and ask them what they think about it.  Rachel will ask the customer if they’d like to book Bob in to make a start on the work.  Because Rachel works closely with Bob, she knows when he’s next free and can put the booking into the diary and let Bob know when he’s due to start. 

Once the work begins, Rachel can keep in contact with the customer, helping them feel looked after, they can tell Rachel if there’s anything they’re unhappy about and Rachel can let Bob know so that it gets fixed right away.  The customers are very happy with the way Bob does business.

The job is finished and Bob has moved on to his next client.  Rachel keeps in touch with the customer to make sure that Bob gets paid on time.  With the payment in the bank, Rachel asks the client to provide a nice review for Bob on Facebook, Google for Business or even in writing so that Bob can share it on his website and social media.

When Bob’s been especially happy with a job he’s done, he takes some photos that Rachel can share on Social Media, she also posts other lovely content for Bob to help him build followers and raise his profile, responding to customer queries whilst Bob is busy doing the things he enjoys most.  All the while, helping Bob line up customers for the future.

Bob is much happier now that he has his time back and knows that his customers are being looked after!

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